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Works for violin

Violin solo

Au fil de l'archet
(violin - piano)

score : Au fil de l'archet

Sentimental elegy

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These very sentimental pieces can be worked both as a study of style or linked together for a concert. Published in 1994, they were obligatory successively in 2001 for the FFEM, in 2003 and 2006 for the CMF. Since then, they have charmed the musical ear of violinists and pianists alike, from all horizons.

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Schott Mayence publishing house

Voyages en découverte
(violin - piano)

score : Voyages en découverte

Little Camargue pony

Song of the Nereids

Entertainer in Bruges

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In three volumes each with six pieces, this work, published in 2002, has been obligatory several times in the Bellan exam. The first volume is level 2/3, the second is level 4/5 and the third level 5. The late Jean-Pierre Sabouret, while first violinist at the Opéra National de Paris presented it in these terms : From all origins and all cultures, man has always gone out of his way to create musical messages, reflections on the identity of each people. Thus, the style of a song or a dance becomes the emblem of a country, and sometimes even a town. Art, distraction, tool of communication between all beings, music is a pleasant way of "journeying" through a wide variety of melodies and rhythms, and "discovering" atmospheres and emotions which have just as many landscapes, colours, and lights. No need for heavy baggage for this trip, since the enthusiasm will suffice for the travellers’ happiness

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Gérard Billaudot publishing house