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Quatre points cardinaux
(trompette - piano)

partition : Quatre points cardinaux

Oriental point (The East)

These pieces for trumpet (in C or B flat) and piano were published in 1997. This is the preface by Guy Touvron : I read Quatre points cardinaux (Four points of the compass) by Olivier and Carole Mayran de Chamisso with interest. It is an elegant piece in four movements, depicting the sun’s angles very well, with melody and rhythm, and I hope young trumpetists and pianists who play this will have the same pleasure as I had in reading it. Congratulations and good luck.

Selected for the FFEM in 2000, these Quatre points cardinaux (Four points of the compass) were also imposed in the 2007 baccalaureat for the trumpet classes (baccalaureat is the national exam just before superior studies).

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