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Works for piano

Piano solo

"à la carte" Piano (vol.1)

score : Le piano à la carte
This collection includes a compact disc

Arabian dream


Wandering thought

For teachers and students looking for new compositions, this is a work which is ideal for the first three years of piano. The basics of style and technique are treated in this collection : scales, arpeggios, counterpoint, chords, staccato, legato, accents and rhythmic variations, thumb movement, pedaling, interpretation, stylistic studies etc.

The authors have accepted the challenge in this book, which is a real squaring of the circle, which succeeds in putting together two often contradictory imperatives, which is to say the use of a deliberately simplified and clear writing on one hand and the exultation of the musical language on the other hand with a genuine poetry in the notes.

The alternation of traditional works with modern music (rock, folk, bossa, blues, disco, rai (north African Arab music),variety) plus a few musical curiosities to discover, ensures that this "Piano à la carte" will become a corner stone for teaching over the long term for all piano students.

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Delatour France publishing house

18 pastels et miniatures

score : 18 pastels et miniatures

Irish waltz

Published in 1988, these simple and imaged pieces had great success when they came out. The pictures on the cover and the illustrations of the book are the work of Carole MDC.
N.B. : the cover may have changed due to reprinting.

The works represented in this first volume for piano, written by our two composers together, opened a close collaboration for the following years with the publishers Schott frères.

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Schott Mayence publishing house

Le piano espace-temps

partition : Le piano espace-temps

Come along Carole

These 16 simple works, published in 2005, are of different styles and from different periods. "Le piano espace-temps" takes our students on a piano trip through time and space, in order to approach different styles of writing which belong to the literature of the keyboard (see preface).

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Schott Mayence publishing house

12 Aquarelles

partition : 12 Aquarelles

Aquarelle 10

These 12 watercolours, short works of just one page, are the first works to have been published by Olivier Mayran de Chamisso (1985). Sensitivity and colour dominate this exhibition of original paintings, with, in the preface, an invitation to find a world of internal purity.

Do not judge these watercolours before having listened to them all. They may wake in you a taste of freshness and childhood you had left dormant...

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Combre publishing house

"à la carte" Piano (vol.2)

score : Le piano à la carte (vol.2)
This collection includes a compact disc

Fun and love rag

April fragrances


After the huge success of the first volume, this second opus of "à la carte piano" contains 22 musical and fun pieces, for the pleasure of pianists who will be able to tackle all styles of music and piano techniques. The level of this volume is located just after of the first opus.

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Delatour France publishing house

Les trois Amériques

partition : Les trois Amériques
This collection includes a compact disc, sold with volume 1.

Invitation to Rio

The breeze of São Paulo

Magic boogie on the web

This three-volume work, published in 2001, is sold with a compact disc for listening (sold with the first volume). The first volume corresponds to level 3, the second to level 4, the third to level 5/6. Each volume contains six works. Geneviève Ibanez, teacher at CNR in Boulogne-Billancout presents this work saying: "This musical journey transports us to these so varied and so typical countries of the Americas thanks to the talent and sensitivity of Carole and Olivier Mayran de Chamisso. Pianists will be able to develop the rhythm, the independance of each hand simultaneously with the sense of melody. I am sure they will have as much pleasure working on them as I had in playing them"

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Gérard Billaudot publishing house

Piano actuel rythmes et styles

partition : Piano actuel rythmes et styles
This collection includes a CD.

Lightning vibration

First day rising sun

[see thematical musical trail]

Published in 1999, each of these 12 works, dedicated to Francis Vidil (who made the compact disc), are presented in two different levels. Francis Vidil is piano professor at the CNR in Versailles and received the first prize for improvisation at the piano festival of Lyon in 1983, and the works are introduced with the dedication : Dear pianist friends, these twelve short works, composed by O et C Mayran de Chamisso, the well-recognised requirement of many of us, teachers and students, to tackle different tendencies of current music. By the simple and clear layout, on two pages, numerous styles appear here in an understandable way : the protected domain of musicians of variety music and adventurous pianists reveals itself to classical musicians wanting to wander to other shores. It is for each person to find their inspiration, curiosity, by games, by desire to lengthen these works by improvised delevopment... For work or for pleasure, this collection will know how to capture everyone’s attention, by the opportunity it offers to all to enlarge their musical range

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Combre publishing house

Formation / 4 hands

NB : The work for piano and solo (flute–piano, viola-piano...) are identified in the section for the solo instrument

Les mystères pianistiques
(piano for two or four hands)

partition : Les mystères pianistiques

The morning star

These works, published in 2004, are presented to you by Hélène Boscheron, piano professor at the Fontainebleau conservatory : These pieces, written for young beginners, full of colours and with evocative titles, are a simple, clear, musical and inventive manner to cope with the secrets of pianistic effects. This is an opening towards a new universe, the piano... Moreover, we can enjoy the presence of two pieces written for four hands, which is a perfect approach to chamber music.
As Claude Debussy used to say : "Music... it is a dream with its veils moved apart!", this collection of pieces will enable the player to use his imagination and his sensibility and play beyond the notes...

level : *(*)
Schott Mayence publishing house

Le piano globe-trotter
(piano à quatre mains)

partition : Le piano globe-trotter

Is it a mirage?

These ten pieces, which came out in 2007 and are dedicated to Véronique Roux (first prize of the CNSMP and professor of the conservatories of Paris), cover from the second to the seventh years of piano, demonstrated by two works per year. Half of the themes are by each author and all of them have been arranged for four hands by C Mayran de Chamisso. Each of the works of this piano journey around the world is accompanied by a tale inspired by traditional lore (Celtic, Parisien, Rhine, Chinese, gypsy, Black African, Russian, folk, Arab and Brazilian) and invented by C Mayran de Chamisso. Allow Véronique Roux to say a little more : Right from the beginning, Man has been attracted by strange stories, and wonderful tales. Through these ten pieces, which I am happy to present, C et O Mayran de Chamisso wanted us to share their own vision, born of memories and dreams. I hope that these finely chiselled and colourful works will stimulate our imagination and open the curtain to new musical horizons...

level : * *(* * * * *)
Combre publishing house