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Works for flute

Flute solo

Les sept secrets du poète
(flute - piano)

score : Les sept secrets du poète

The Cornish bird

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Published in 1989, these 7 pieces were commissioned by Schott Frères edition. The late Pierre Paubon, reknowned flautist and great friend of the two composers knew from his precious advice how to give this work a widespread distribution, which has never slackened. It has become a reference for the FFEM commission on several occasions. The last work, The Cornish bird [extract supra], is a unique composition where the writings of both composers are mixed together in perfect harmony! This is the preface by Pierre Paubon :
Les sept secrets du poète (The poet’s seven secrets) enthralled me right from the first reading. These pieces are as simple as wild flowers where you discover the delicacy and beauty under a magnifying glass. Such heartfelt music is for talented flautists as well as their students. The first express their joy with comfort during a concert, while the latter look for the suitable musical expression without technical difficulty.

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Schott Mayence publishing house

Chanson celtique
(flute - piano)

score : Chanson celtique

Celtic song

Published in 1988, this piece which is reminiscent and haunting through its typically Celtic colours, was very successful right from its release, really taking its place in the wide repertoire of flautists. Played throughout Europe, it has often been imposed by the FFEM in various music exams. It is interesting to remark that its original version was written for piano alone.

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Gérard Billaudot publishing house

Jazz en famille
(flute - piano)

score : Jazz en famille

Lazy dog

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This volume published in 1991 consists of 4 pieces which are particularly playful, emitting swing and humour which incite the practice of music within a group. You can also notice a certain tendancy towards jazz. 'Jazz en famille' (Jazz in the family) has been imposed in several exams, particularly the Bellan and Epinal exams.

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Combre publishing house


Trois abeilles pour ma ruche
(flute - guitar - cello)

score : Trois abeilles pour ma ruche

Three bees for my hive

This simple and lilting trio, published in 1994, in three movements,remains a example of style by the equal distribution of the melody and the accompaniment for each instrument, thereby perfectly corresponding to the definition of "chamber music". This heartfelt work continues its progression, by word of mouth in the musical world : music schools and individuals who want to have a moment of pleasure, various formations etc.

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Combre publishing house