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The Publishers

Editions Combre (Combre publishing house),
24 Boulevard Poissonière,
Paris 9ème (code postal : 75009)

Editions Billaudot (Billaudot publishing house),
14 Rue de l'échiquier,
Paris 10ème (code postal : 75010)

Editions Schott Music (Schott Music publishing house),
Weihergarten 5
D-55116 Mainz (Allemagne)

Editions Delatour France (Delatour France publishing house),
Le Vallier
F-07120 Sampzon

All sorts of artists...

Michel Tirabosco, Gilles Patrat and the team
Michel Tirabosco is a world-renowned panpipes player.
Gilles Patrat is also known for his compositions and arrangements.
Website -
Website - Gilles Patrat

Jean-Marie Gerintes
Maker of musical saws, and professional saw player,
gives demonstrations throughout France

Philippe Bary and Véronique Roux
He is cellist ; she is pianist. Both are professional professors and 1st prize of the C.N.S.M.
Philippe recorded the disc of "L'Alchimie du violoncelliste".

Jean-Pierre Sabouret
Late violonist and friend of Philippe Bary.
"Voyages en découvertes" is dedicated to him

Pierre Paubon
Late concert flautist and professor of the flute.

Geneviève Ibanez
Professor of the piano at the CNR in Boulogne

Guy Touvron
Trumpet professor at the CNR in Paris, internationally reknowned concert player, pupil of Maurice André.

Christian Chanel
Guitar professor at the CNR in Versailles
made the recording of "La guitare espace-temps" and "La guitare globe-trotter".

Francis Vidil
Piano professor at the CNR in Versailles,
student of André Isoire and genius in improvisation,
Francis made the recording of "Piano actuel rythmes et styles".
He specified in the preface to use these pieces as a base for improvisation...

Anne Manuelle Burckel
Piano professor and accompanier at the conservatoire of Orsay,
Anne Manuelle made the recording of "Les trois Amériques" and "Piano à la carte" (Vol.2).

Pascale Giardina
Piano professor in Nemours
She made the recording of the entire works for flute, violin and viola,
as well as "Le piano globe-trotter" with Laurence Dubreuil (director of the conservatoire of the "Deux-rives" in the south of 77).

Pascal Mink
Violin and viola professor at the scala of Nemours
Made the recordings of all of the violin and viola pieces

Thierry Piraut
Flute professor at the scala of Nemours
Made the recording of all the flute pieces

Hélène Boscheron
Previous piano professor at the municipal conservatoire in Fontainebleau
Hélène is also involved with the musical life in the south 77 organizing conferences, concerts and promoting local artists

Jacques Roland
Engineer who has done much sound engineering for pro quartet and who is currently creating his own record label. He also did the sound engineering for the integrality of the works for flute, violin, and viola as well as the "Messages mélodiques" for cello by O and C.