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Cello solo

Les messages mélodiques
(cello - piano)

score : Les messages mélodiques

Northern lights

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Dedicated to Philippe Bary and Veronique Roux, both assistants at the CNSMP, and published in 1998, they are presented to us by the following dedication : Music has always pretended to sooth the mind. I would like to thank the De Chamissos for having not been influenced by fashion, and maintaining the freshness of their inspiration. These pieces are of a reachable level (elementary) and rich in all sorts of expression, and fill our young artists with joy and happiness. They are an excellent study of the specificity of French sound and taste.

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L'Alchimie du violoncelliste

score : L'Alchimie du violoncelliste



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Published in 2002 and presented with a disc played by Philippe Bary, assistant at the CNSMP, these studies are one of the major works by O and C Mayran de Chamisso. Certain remarkable originalities are presented such as "Caduceus", which is a piece entirely in pizzicati in two parts, "Labyrinth", a chromatic piece which evokes an advancing locomotive or "Quintessence" with its arpeggios in every tonality. It is a must for all cellists! Allow Philippe to present them : «Study» has often, for apprentice musicians, a sense of strict repetition. They realise, in their hearts, that it is a necessity, but only credit it with limited artistic esteem. The underlaying idea in the development of this work, was always to priviledge the melodic dimension and to bring out the value of the polyphony of each work. The technical aspects of the instrument are approached while respecting the basic idea which should represent the principle that, at the end, the level of nearly superior is reached (called 'Diploma of end of studies' in French)...

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Trois abeilles pour ma ruche
(flute - guitar - cello)

score : Trois abeilles pour ma ruche

Three bees for my hive

This simple and lilting trio, published in 1994, in three movements,remains a example of style by the equal distribution of the melody and the accompaniment for each instrument, thereby perfectly corresponding to the definition of "chamber music". This heartfelt work continues its progression, by word of mouth in the musical world : music schools and individuals who want to have a moment of pleasure, various formations etc.

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